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Community Champion and Outreach Resources

Curriculum Coming in Nov 2018


Makers Making Change is an innovative community based project that connects makers to people with disabilities to create affordable open source assistive technologies.

Makers Making Change addresses issues faced by people with disabilities by utilizing the open source movement, the crowd sourcing movement, and the maker movement to create affordable, assistive technologies at the community level.

Making Space for Change Curriculum. Help a person with a disability gain access to affordable assistive devices in your community. Build technical and problem solving skills while learning real life applications for technology.

Suitable for grade 6 +

Note: Participating schools must have access to a 3d printer and a knowledgeable staff person to assist students in creating 3d models and prints.




  • Intro presentation on the Makers Making Change project for students
  • Case studies with lesson plans: design a device and submit for review
  • Access to our Open Source Assistive Technology library
  • Access to our Maker Matching Maker geolocating service connects your class to people who need devices 3d printed in your community
  • Practice and gain skills technical and problem solving using design, 3d modelling and 3d printing
  • Understand and participate in real life applications of 3d printing
  • Be a part of creating a community of support for people with disabilities
  • Fulfill multiple curricular requirements in one project